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5 ways your business should adapt its SEO in 2021

February 18, 2021

Written by Fantastic Media


1. Ensure your website is mobile-first

As of September 2020, Google indexes all websites mobile-first, meaning if you haven’t optimised your website for mobile and other devices, you could see your rankings on SERPs start to decline. By 2025, around 70% of consumers will access the internet solely on their mobiles, so make sure you keep your site optimised to the latest trends if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Create long-form content

Your website should contain insightful, user-led content. The average length of a blog is 500 words, but sometimes you might feel the need for longer explanations. Google favours sites that have a range of blog lengths, but make sure the content is relevant and insightful!

3. Image optimisation

A lack of image optimisation is the number one cause of slower page speeds. Proper SEO maintenance should involve ensuring all images on your website are marked and optimised. You don’t want to be penalised and your search engine rankings to be negatively affected so make sure you are using alt tags so crawlers can identify images.

4. Make your content “Voice Search” friendly

Using a summary paragraph at the top of the page ensures your page is voice search friendly and can be detected by people using voice search functions. Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant software are already very popular and you could be missing out on a large number of visits to your site by not taking voice search into consideration.

5. Don’t neglect the basics

You should take all of the previous trends listed into consideration if you’d like to boost your search engine rankings. But it’s just as important to remember not to neglect the basics such as ensuring your website can be properly crawled and optimising keywords to attract more relevant users to your site.

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