Integrated Marketing

What is Insight?

It’s an understanding of who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve.

Our INSIGHT process enables us to get under the skin of your business, your services, your products and develop a business marketing plan that enables you to achieve short and long-term objectives.

We do this by building brands, launching new products and services and taking them to market in ways that set you apart, engage your customers and are built to last.


& Analysis



& Forecast

Present Back

Insight Workshop.

INSIGHT begins with the business discovery workshop. It’s a chance for your senior team to tell our INSIGHT team all about your business and what you want to achieve. It’s our job to challenge you as we ask the questions over the day-long session to find out why marketing is right for your business and why now. The Workshop is usually held at your office or premises so we can get first-hand experience of what you do and how you do it.

Research & Analysis.

Research involves us analysing all the information you supplied to us and conducting our own research. We identify opportunities and potential barriers by researching everything from what your customers do, to what your competitors do. We examine micro and macro trends across a range of industries and many other factors that can affect business marketing performance.

Brand & Campaign Development.

Taking your business, your products and your services to market effectively means looking the part and talking to people in a way that will encourage them to buy from you. It’s more than just creating a logo and a strapline, it is communicating your values and key selling points in a way that is authentic and engaging. Whether you are a start-up with no brand identity or a family-run business with decades of equity, we treat every project with the same respect and meticulousness, underpinned by our years of business marketing knowledge.

Strategy Development.

The marketing strategy for your business is completely unique and dictated by your industry, your audience and your budget. As a full-service agency, we develop the how, when, where and what activity you need to undertake to meet the commercial objectives set-out in the Workshop. Every strategy is different but to meet your objectives, we suggest a range of channels from brand development, advertising, PR and social media, to PPC, email marketing and many more.

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Results & Forecasting.

Results are the moment of truth. Based on our research and our suggested strategy, we predict what you will get back from your marketing spend with us. From lead generation to revenue forecasts, we model what we think your business can expect to achieve over a certain period. Once you’re on board with us, we present results each month benchmarking against clear objectives set out in face-to-face meetings.

Present Back.

Four to eight weeks later, we present you with the big idea and the horizon plan. What that looks like depends on what you want from branding and marketing, but it is usually a mix of brand roll-out across your company, an engaging communications strategy, a brand marketing campaign, and a clear calendar of online and offline monthly activity with clear monthly costs. It’s an exciting glimpse of the future of your business and what we could achieve working together.

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