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A Fantastic Insight

June 25, 2012

Written by Fantastic Media

This week we played host to two students keen for an insight into the world of marketing and design.

Working at Fantastic Media has been such a memorable experience for me

Christian Durr and Emma Nabridnyj are currently in sixth form at Greenhead College and have worked on live clients, shadowing both the client services and studio teams to gain hands on agency experience.

Emma worked with the studio and client service teams this week and said: “Working at Fantastic Media has been such a memorable experience for me. It has given me the chance to step into the industry and see it from outside a classroom perspective. Fantastic gave me the opportunity to work in and amongst all departments from design to client accounts and branding. From this I have gained a real life insight into what this industry is really like and how it operates on a day to day basis. Experiencing marketing with Fantastic has developed my creative and strategic thinking which will definitely benefit me in the future.”

Christian, keen for a career in account handling said: “My time at Fantastic Media has been enjoyable, if a little too short! It has sealed my plans for the future, in the marketing world and definitely in the creative industries. Hands on work with clients like Fruitypot, Arrow Private Hire and Paxman has shown me how things are done and how broad and rewarding working in marketing really is; especially now Ive seen this world from the inside. The people at Fantastic are also like their company name more than willing to give you a feel of what its really like here, and let you share a valuable experience.”

Managing Director, Andy Hobson said: “As a company we realise the importance of nurturing young people who will inevitably grow to be the future leaders of our businesses. We all remember how difficult it is to get a foot into the working world as a young person; we offer as many placement opportunities as possible to give an insight into our industry.”

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