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Annual #FAFTA Awards 

December 3, 2015

Written by Chris Murphy

Over the last 8 months you may have seen our Twitter account @fantasticmedia filling up with #FAFTAS along with some fun, cool and sometimes strange pictures. December marks the 9th FAFTAS and the first ever annual FAFTAS. I thought it would be a good idea to explain what it is.

What are the FAFTAS?

As you’ve probably guessed FAFTAS stands for “Fantastic Award For Terrific Achievement”. Obvious right!? The FAFTAS comes round once a month to celebrate the best Fantastic has to offer. Each month all our staff get involved and fill our little red letterbox with votes. Votes can be for anything from someone staying late to someone doing a stellar job on a presentation. At the end of each month the votes are counted and the winners get cash! The FAFTAS give people a chance to organise and present their creative ideas back to the team in a fun and relaxed way. It’s also great for staff morale, it gives the whole team a focus at the end of the month.

The FAFTA Ceremony

Each FAFTAS is a grand affair with all the team piling into the boardroom for the main event. Originally hosted by myself and on-stage partner @paulwhitcroft (he is the Dec to my Ant), the ceremony usually consists of rounding up the month, a snapshot of the votes and then on to the big winners. There are 4 winners every month, each getting £50 prize money.

A couple of months ago myself and Paul had run out of material, so like any great minds we thought… let’s put this huge responsibility on to someone else!

Beth & Megan

First up were Beth & Megan or “Claudia and Tess” as they now like to be known around the office. The ladies didn’t disappoint and managed to put me and Paul in our place with their elegant VIP experience. After the event it was on to Jongleurs Comedy Club in Leeds for a night of hysterics and alcohol.

Carl & Luke

The last presenters were the dynamic duo of Carl & Luke. These boys brought a whole new level to the awards with an interactive web based ‘Wheel of Fortune’ gameshow. The after party was at Smoke BBQ in Leeds where we all pigged out with some huge plates of beautiful BBQ food and then as usual out round Leeds to get a little merry.

The Annual Awards

The event will take place on the 18th December and promises to be the biggest and best to date. Of course the original cast “Miles & Paul”, will be returning to the stage to present the awards. The whole day will be filled with little surprises, fun and games. Feel free to join in the fun on Twitter with #FAFTAS.

The after party will be held over in Headingley for a black tie event so hold on to your masks for all the glitz and glam of The Venetian FAFTA Party!

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