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Cooking Up Social Success for Daval

March 24, 2013

Written by Fantastic Media

Fantastic Media recently kicked off a social media strategy for bespoke furniture specialist, Daval Furniture.

Since implementing the new social strategy Daval has reached an audience of 1.2 million

Utilising the Twitter and Facebook social platforms, Fantastic has established a wider following for the brand through use of innovative and varied content. Facebook advertising has also been explored to target desired audience directly; this has created some positive results.

Fantastic and Daval work very much as a partnership to ensure the client is happy with the content being shared via its social media channels. Communicating on a regular basis also stimulates more ideas and interesting content.

Since implementing the new social strategy Daval has reached over 1.2 million potential customers through Facebook and received a brilliant response from Twitter followers who interact and communicate with Daval on a regular basis.

Whilst the social activity broadcasts Daval’s messages and products on a daily basis, it also encourages brand awareness and positions the business as an industry expert within its sector.

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