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Digital marketing strategies, website launches and golf madness

April 10, 2019

Written by Sam Birkhead

Time to tee off.

This week at Fantastic…

Digital marketing strategy

Brewfitt online revenue soared down the fairway with 25% YOY increases. Our on-going integrated digital strategy, combines CRO, SEO, PPC and email automation. Our collaborative efforts have seen consistent growth throughout our partnership.

Website launch

We launched the new website for Leading Edge. With a user centric approach and data enriched designs, weve enhanced the customer experience and chipped their conversion rate into the green with an increase of 694% – Case study coming soon!

PPC marketing

Actavo saw a Tiger Woods worthy increase in revenue of 205.77% through a targeted PPC campaign and budget optimisation. Our partnership keeps going from strength to strength as we continue to understand the business and deliver success for the business.

Drunk Yard Golf

Birdies, Eagles and Albatrosses and no were not talking about birdwatching featured this week at Fantastic during our staff outing to Junk Yard Golf, Leeds.

Despite competition running high, and much suspected score-sheet foul play, we put our sticks and competitiveness away for a few at the 19th hole.


Just like our golfing inspiration Tiger Woods, were always looking for ways to improve:

No matter how good you get, you can always get better and thats the exciting part.

The power of us.

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