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Fantastic Bring Flushes of Success To Encore Cisterns Brand

July 20, 2017

Written by Fantastic Media

We’ve been at the forefront of creating a brand for an innovative, environmentally-conscious water management system, the Encore Cistern.

Working with the Encore team, we proposed the brand look and feel for Encore, as well as designing and building the website for the launch of the product in Q3 2017.

The key challenge was presenting the unique selling points of the system as quickly and concisely as possible. Using the website as a key messaging tool allowed the designers to create a completely bespoke platform on which the distinctively engineered system could be showcased.

The partnership follows an existing business relationship with Encore’s founders, G&H Group, a £25 million building services company based in Leeds. Having previously worked with G&H Group on a number of marketing strategies, the brains behind the Encore Cistern approached our team to activate their branding strategy.

Directors Graham Kelly and David Davis have seen first-hand how water produced by air conditioning units goes to waste. This inspired the pair to find a way of reusing this free water source.

The Encore Cistern uses previously wasted air conditioning condensation to flush toilets. It works in the same way as a traditional cistern, with the exception that it has an extra filling connection to allow a separate water source to be introduced, and holds 18 litres of water due to a dual chamber design.

The product is expected to save billions of litres of water every year, and in turn, save money and help to protect the environment.

“Although not your typical product to market, we are thrilled with the branding and website design for Encore Cisterns,” commented Sally Willis, “The brand is strong and we have already seen a great response to the product, both online and offline.”

“Encore is a completely unique product, and boasts huge sustainable benefits for the building sector,” commented David Davis of G&H Group and Encore, “The product is a radical improvement on all conventional cisterns, and has the potential to save 218 million litres of water a year for the 114 hotels currently in construction in the UK.”

You can visit the Encore Cistern website here:

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