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Fantastic Create Digital Solutions for Independent Bike Dealers

June 20, 2017

Written by Fantastic Media

Our team created a digital marketing solution for independent bike dealers in partnership with the UK’s leading bike distributor, Avocet Sports.

Avocet, who recently received investment from India-based Hero Cycles — the world’s biggest bike producer by volume — engaged with us to create two e-commerce websites and accompanying digital campaigns for the new range of Simmonsohn tandems and Lectro eBikes.

Avocet’s range of tandems and e-bikes are traditionally larger than normal bikes and they needed a way for bike dealers with limited shop floor space to access their ranges without stocking the physical bikes.

The two new interactive online brochures that independent bike dealers can use in their sales process. Users can browse the range of bikes at the point of sale before selecting a model to purchase which bike dealers then order for them.

The e-commerce functionality also allows customers to purchase the bikes directly online, with the option to have them delivered directly to the home or to click and collect from Avocet’s large network of independent bike dealers.

In addition, PPC advertising, social media and content marketing campaigns have been launched to drive traffic to the website and increase awareness of both brands without taking away business from independent bike dealers.

“There is a growing requirement for tandems and eBikes, but it is not always easy for independent dealers to stock them due to their size and initial cost to dealers,” an Avocet spokesman said.

“Our solution was to create an online destination that is easy to use and enables dealers to give customers what they want, without the hassle.

“With just a few clicks, they can walk the customer through what type of bike fits their needs and order it online. Purchases can be made through the website by consumers at a fixed, non-discounted price but dealers can get access to up to 40% off the RRP, giving them great margins and the flexibility to offer added value to the customers.”

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