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Fantastic Media Come Out Fighting With Danny Mitchell

July 12, 2016

Written by Fantastic Media

Local MMA fighter Danny Mitchell has been given a boost by Fantastic Media, ahead of a career-defining fight.

Next Saturday, 16th July, the 6ft 2in welterweight will come up against London based fighter CJ Meeks in a televised cage fight at London’s O2 Arena as part of the Bellator Fighting Championship. And we are supporting the local lad and encouraging other businesses and fight fans to get behind him.

Mitchell, 29 – who has possibly the best nickname of any fighter in the history of MMA: ‘The Cheesecake Assassin’ – hails from Batley and trains and coaches at Asylum Vale Tudo (AVT) in Birstall. As well as training and fighting, the former UFC fighter, also mentors other young fighters, teaching them discipline, teamwork and helping them achieve their goals. He currently has over 50 local fighters on his books.

We have a long history of sports sponsorship — particularly in football – but this is the first time in their 10 year history they have sponsored a fighter. It is hoped that their tie-up with Mitchell will inspire more businesses to get involved with him and recognise and support the good work he does in the local community.

“It’s great to have a company like Fantastic Media involved,” said Mitchell, who has black belts in BBJ, taekwondo, and kickboxing as well as qualifications in Sports Studies and Philosophy. “They work with some of the best businesses about and this is a great way to raise a bit of awareness about me and the work I do with young fighters.”

“This is not about financial support from Fantastic, although that is part of it,” said Andy Hobson, our Managing Director, “it’s more about helping a young local lad and getting behind him and the work he does.

“Danny is committed, focused and knows what he wants and, no matter what your area of expertise is, that’s the type of outlook and attitude that fits with us here at Fantastic.

“We’ve been involved in top-level sports like Premier League football and Super League Rugby since the company was founded 10 years ago,” he added, “but more recently we’ve looked at ways we can help the grassroots side and make a difference to the community, like our recent sponsorship of AFC Emley.”

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