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Fantastic Mobile Shortlisted For Award!

March 1, 2013

Written by Fantastic Media

Fantastic Mobile has been shortlisted for ‘Consumer App of the Year’ at the Yorkshire Business Insider Digital & Technology Awards, for its work on the Pitchero app this year.

In the first two weeks of the launch 25,000 downloads were achieved!

After Pitchero recognised the need to go mobile, they came to us to discuss the possibility of us kick starting their mobile offering. After discussions, we came to the conclusion that, to start with, they needed an iPhone App that allows users to consume the vast amount of data Pitchero has to offer, on iOS mobile devices.

The app we created for them allows for a variety of rich media additions, such as team photos, Google maps for ground locations, direct links to club websites, contact information, and much more. We also integrated the League’s Twitter feed, so that fans can read and contribute to the discussion and debate.

In the first two weeks of the app, we managed to achieve 25,000 downloads, which in the following months grew to over 50,000 downloads, as well as reaching a peak of number 2 in the app store, second only to the BBC’s Sports app. Since then, the app has managed to achieve over 1 million unique sessions in over 60 countries and increase registration to the site by more than 18%.

Lead Mobile Developer, David Ford said: “The Pitchero app has helped to launch us into a postion that makes us one of the foremost mobile development agencies in the UK. With over 85,000 downloads and 1.25 million sessions so far, the Pitchero app has added to our range of apps and has been a great success story.”

Pitchero is a global club management network, which provides free websites and revenue tools for clubs across the world. The network hosts around 4 million unique users per month, with more than 10,000 live websites, and over half a million registered users. iPhones constituted the vast majority of an increasing amount of mobile traffic. We worked together to take the network mobile.

The Yorkshire Business Insider Digital & Technology Awards will be held on Wednesday 27th March, 2013, and will be hosted at the Bury Theatre in the Royal Armouries, Leeds.

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