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It’s a Fantastic Foundation

July 29, 2013

Written by Fantastic Media

We’re pleased to announce that Fantastic Media has agreed an initial 12 month partnership with the highly acclaimed Town Foundation.

The Early Kick-Off Breakfast Club evolved to provide a complimentary healthy breakfast to children in Yorkshire

The Foundation, brainchild of Card Factory founder Dean Hoyle, aims to help improve the quality of life for young people across Kirklees and the West Yorkshire area.

The Charity which has recently celebrated its first Birthday has so far served over 35,000 breakfasts to children across West Yorkshire through its “Early Kick-Off Breakfast Clubs” which launched at Christchurch Academy School in October 2012.

The “Early Kick-Off” Breakfast Club evolved to provide a complimentary healthy breakfast to supplement the wellbeing of children, many of whom it was identified, were sadly attending school daily without a breakfast to kick-start their day. Serving up food such a fruits, grains, dairy products and other protein-rich foods, the clubs have already made a significant impact across many schools in the area.

To launch the new partnership corporate fundraising Officer Mandy Taylor joined Fantastic Media’s founder Andrew Hobson, Donna Bedford and the staff at Ashbrow School at one of the early Kick off breakfast clubs.

Fantastic will work closely in partnership with the Town Foundation throughout next season to help raise awareness and funds with several initiatives already in the pipeline.

The Foundation which is run day to day by Mandy Taylor commented: “We’re delighted to officially team up with Fantastic Media. Their creative thinking and proven business acumen will definitely help elevate our charity.”

Andy Hobson MD of Fantastic Media said, “Fantastic Media is not only about providing its business clients with award winning marketing strategies, it’s about delivering support and creating prosperity in the area we all live and work. This must start by improving the quality of life for young people across our own West Yorkshire area.”

For more information about the Town Foundation visit the website here.

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