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Record Q1 Results for Fantastic

May 5, 2015

Written by Fantastic Media

We’ve seen an 18% uplift in new business for Q1 2015, compared with the same period last year, posting our highest revenue in any quarter since our business was established eight years ago.

Notable account wins for the Leeds-based agency included Avocet bikes, Answering4U and Dale Carnegie.

Andy Hobson, Managing Director, believes our agency results reflect his clients’ optimistic economic outlook as well as a rebalancing of marketing budgets between digital and traditional activities: “Business owners are increasingly looking to invest in their brands, in top-line growth and in their customer experience, based on a renewed confidence in the economy.

Interestingly, however, much of our clients’ recent spend has bucked the digital trend, with a return to traditional print, television, radio and outdoor media. Social and online remain as critical components of the marketing mix but we are seeing renewed interest and better returns from areas that have been ‘less fashionable’ in recent years.”

Hobson’s views echo those of Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive of WPP. At a Broadcasting Press Guild meeting last month, Sorrell suggested that advertisers in the future should look more at measuring engagement rather than time spent by a consumer. He cited recent research that has found that traditional media can be more engaging and readers are likely to better retain information in print magazines and newspapers than with online and mobile content.

“The key here is a ‘tactics-neutral’ approach,” according to Hobson. “I firmly believe that Fantastic Media’s recent success stems from an open-minded approach to marketing strategy. We don’t simply try to sell one service. By understanding our clients’ objectives we’re able to recommend a combination of digital and traditional marketing activities, depending on their budgets and circumstances.

There’s no question that technology has affected buying habits, customer behaviour and decision-making within businesses. There are some amazing new technologies and all the data you could wish for in the digital space but there is still a critical role for old-fashioned creativity and traditional media channels. When you see Facebook advertising on TV and billboards, you understand that offline reach and effectiveness remain a major component of 21st-century marketing.”

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