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Social content, retail campaigns, more filming and the National Fitness Games

June 12, 2019

Written by Sam Birkhead

Lifting weights, lifting results

This week at Fantastic…

Social campaign

This week we helped save the planet alongside our friends at Maximuscle. We launched a campaign in the social sphere to to support World Environment Day and educate people about their new range of environmentally friendly sports bottles. More importantly, we raised awareness about the detrimental impact of plastic products on our oceans. Maximuscle continue to strive forward and push boundaries with us by their side.

Digital retail campaign

The 2018/19 football season might have come to a close, but our work with Leeds United F.C. marches on.  As Leeds enter their 100th year, celebrations begin by launching an exciting new collection of merchandise for fans to snap up. We teamed up and utilised a combination of digital tactics, including e-mail marketing and PPC, to drive people through to the online store and purchase the fantastic commemorative products.

Filming day

It’s been another day of filming video content and this week we got behind the camera with HMi Elements. Following the hugely successful Insight, we’re creating a new series of product videos to help boost brand presence, perception and awareness. We will be pushing these out across various directly to their audience in North America.

National Fitness Games

It wasn’t just blood, sweat and tears in the office this week. Our resident Social Media Executive, Connor teamed up with the guys at Maximuscle to tackle the National Fitness Games. An intense day of heavy lifting and snatching, pressing and pulling, competing against 19 other teams of athletes. The Maxi team finished in an impressive 4th place, congratulations team!


In the spirit of hard work and overcoming the pain barrier, we reflect and recognise that…

“The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow” – 

The power of us.

Feeling too much pain from your marketing efforts? Email Sam Birkhead or call us on 0113 246 4425 to start feeling the strength!

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