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Student Workshop: User Experience and The Journey to Conversion

November 24, 2015

Written by Sam Birkhead

Last week, Miles and I attended the University of Huddersfield to give a presentation and workshop on User Experience and The Journey to Conversion. This was a website design workshop that focused on the following: creating personal user profiles & stories, website analysis of barriers to conversion and then went into potential experiments for suggesting improvements to real world websites.

Introducing the UX workshop
Around 20 students attended in the Creative Arts Building design studio.

Workshop Introduction

I introduced the workshop by presenting how we would carry out this process at Fantastic. I explained how to put together a basic user profile by storytelling and presented two examples for the Sky Sports website. Here are the results:

User Profiles

User Journeys, Barriers to Conversion & Experiments

We set the scene by generating a user journey from Nathan

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