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Tapping In To A New Way of Marketing

May 1, 2012

Written by Fantastic Media

NFC Tap It, one of the UK’s frontrunners in Near Field Communication (NFC) has contracted Fantastic Media to develop its brand and website ready for the company to launch onto the market.

NFC is an exciting new technology which could change the way we communicate, make purchases and receive information. As more people become reliant on smart phones and use contactless payment to make purchases, NFC will come to the forefront of marketing allowing advertisers to reach consumers anywhere.

By 2013 five hundred million phones will be NFC enabled

The technology is incredibly clever but simple to use. Small, virtually indestructble “tags” are added to POS displays, direct mail, flyers, business cards, clothing – virtually any product you can imagine and are used as the ultimate call to action.

Senior Account Manager JP Gordon said: “By 2013 five hundred million phones will be NFC enabled; so this is the perfect timing to initiate a multi channel campaign that will education organisations about the future of marketing.”

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