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The Power of An Ambassador

April 4, 2018

Written by Fantastic Media

With the evolution of brand ambassadors, we take a look at the power they really can have for your brand.

A Brand Ambassador is an individual who embodies a brand that he or she is endorsing, influencing consumers (this can also include; bloggers & influencers) and raising awareness. Nowadays, you would struggle to scroll down your social feed without coming across planned ambassador communications.


An ambassador can help to increase and improve your brand’s awareness and reputation to existing customers. As brand advocates post their positive experiences and reviews of a product or service, it increases brand awareness and improves their reputation.

Equally, if you have an ambassador positively discussing and endorsing your company to their followers, it can increase the number of potential customers as they are seeing your brand and products through the ambassador — an individual they look to for certain product purchase advice or because of their personal attributes.

In addition, their reach is widespread; increasing a brand’s awareness in new territories your business currently is not present in and wish to reach.


Before purchasing, customers will look to different ambassadors for recommendations and credibility on the product they wish to buy (and who they wish to purchase it from). Consumers now want more than a traditional or online advertisement, they will look to individuals to humanise and qualify the brand and its offering.

A live advocate becomes the face of your brand, they will connect with your customers personally across social platforms whilst promoting your products. Around 78% of consumers have said they would trust social peer recommendation compared to a mere 14% saying they would trust an advertisement. (Social Media Revolution, Erik Qualman)

Trend Setters

An ambassador is a trendsetter for your brand, they not only make people eager to purchase products, they help to create a buzz and excitement around it.

For example, when Holly Willoughby posts her ‘This Morning’ outfit on Instagram and tags the different products & brand she is wearing, immediately people will head to the website to search and buy the outfit.

Individuals visit the profiles of influencers who they look to for purchase advice and to see what products and brands they shout about. If an ambassador is constantly posting the benefits of your brand and product, it will create a buzz and a trend for consumers to buy your offering.

The more people talking about your brand and discussing your product offering, the better.

It is an easy and effective way to drive more traffic to your website, without creating more work for yourself.

Valuable Insight

As a brand, you should always be wanting to improve and develop your offering to consumers to meet their needs and wants. An ambassador can help with this as they will have an opinion on how even their favourite brand can progress. As such you get instantaneous and relevant feedback on your product offering.

If your brand ambassador is having a negative experience with your product, this may also mean the public and other users are feeling the same. You need to be ahead of any negative comments, getting an ambassador to test your product and review it can create valuable insight into how it performs and how you can improve it before launching it into the marketplace.


Although an ambassador can be a great market path for your brand, there are cautions that come with this decision.

Ensure you have briefed the chosen ambassadors correctly and they know what they are doing when it comes to posting on social media. In the past influencers such as Gemma Collins and Scott Disick have copy and pasted internal messages, yet failed to remove the directional comments of the Brand’s Marketing team; leaving comments such as ‘At 4pm please post…’. This can be detrimental as it suggests the individual doesn’t use or have any interest in the product, instead they are just being paid to post.

Any negative press from ambassadors can have just as big of an impact on influencers as the positive comments they post. For example, when Snapchat changed the layout of the app, many ambassadors (Kylie Jenner & Phillip Schofield for instance) who use the app to interact with fans, posted about their disappointment in the change and how they no longer use it. This had affected the number of users on Snapchat as well as significantly impacting the share price. Equally a cricket brand associated with the Australian cricket team may now be concerned about the recent news stories regarding ball tampering.

The power of an ambassador is huge, they can turn a consumer onto to your brand as well as turn them off. They can create valuable insight of your product offering, will help you to develop great consumer products, whilst also increasing the awareness and humanising your brand. However, if you are considering attracting a brand ambassador, ensure you have thoroughly thought who the right person is for the job.


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