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Top 10 Netflix Originals

June 21, 2016

Written by Sam Birkhead

It’s getting to that time of year where we’re all running out of TV shows to watch. For those that like a good Netflix binge, this is the article for you. I’ve made a list of what I believe to be the Top 10 Netflix Originals – so if you need to have a quiet one at the weekend, we’ve got you covered. Use this list for inspiration and enjoy a nice weekend in under the duvet.

1. Orange is the New Black

Officially the highest rated show on Netflix, Orange is the New Black takes the TV landscape by storm. Piper Chapman finds herself incarcerated in an American women’s prison for transporting money to her drug-dealing girlfriend, over a decade previous. At the start of the first season she couldn’t be more out of place, but this shows merits come from the character development. It lets you get immersed into each woman’s backstory in quite some depth; probably why this show is so successful. It breaks down the outside world’s perception of criminals and makes you empathise with ordinary women trying to get by in life. With a brand new season just released, it’s about time you got caught up on the action.

2. Daredevil

A Marvel favourite, Daredevil takes a different approach to your average superhero TV show. It’s dark, grungey and has some brilliant creative direction. Lawyer by day and masked hero by night, follow Matt Murdock on his vigilante efforts to clean up the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City. Personally I love how this show brings in other characters from the Marvel universe, including the Kingpin, The Punisher and Elektra. Each one portrayed rather differently to what you’d usually see in a Hollywood blockbuster. This gives the show a unique and fresh approach to these characters and I found myself glued to the TV the whole weekend when this came out. You really can’t afford to miss this one, but if you’re somehow not aware of it you have two awesome seasons to get through.

3. Jessica Jones

Somewhat of a spin-off of Daredevil, Jessica Jones is set in the same city and follows the same dark and grungey approach. Veering off down more of the sci-fi route with special abilities, Jessica Jones takes to private investigatory work and takes you on one hell of a ride along the way. For fans of David Tennant, you’ll be happy to know he plays a pretty big role of the main villain in the show, and wow does he pull it off well.

4. Narcos

I’d heard of Pablo Escobar but I never really knew any of the details. Narcos brings him into the limelight and truly immerses you into his universe. The storytelling and character development is second to none. You follow him along every step of the way to building his empire and watching him turn into a tyrant. Words don’t really give it enough credit, so here’s the trailer!

5. House of Cards

6. Master of None

Shorter than most Netflix originals, Master of None begun streaming towards the end of last year. Created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang who both previously worked on comedy Parks and Recreation, the show follows the story of Dev, a 30 year old actor trying to make his way through New York City life. This is a comedy series, but manages to discuss topics such as race, gender, relationships and family life in an intelligent and engaging way (something that fans of Aziz Ansaris stand-up comedy shows will be familiar with). Master of None has won several awards, and been nominated for many more. Its popularity is largely down to its self-confidence and allows viewers to warm to it on their own terms. Keep an eye out for Aziz Ansaris own parents in the show they just about steal the spotlight in every scene theyre in!

7. Sense8

I’m a huge fan of sci-fi shows and this one has a lot of potential. Without spoiling the plot of the show, it introduces you to the characters as they are in the discovery phase of their powers and takes a unique and original twist on them. There are so many ‘hero’ dramas these days so it’s nice to see one that’s fresh and offers something a little different. It’s coming back for a second season so that’s testament to the response it got!

8. Better Call Saul

Now I would’ve loved to include Breaking Bad in this list, but it wasn’t technically a Netflix Original. So, I’ve included the spin off that is Better Call Saul. Saul Goodman is the lawyer from the Breaking Bad series and we follow him as the protagonist, uncovering his personal storyline. You can expect somewhat of a similar style to it’s parent show in the sense that often a lot of scenes are quite slow to develop, but when the action floods in you really know about it. There are two seasons of this to get through too so if you’re stuck for something to watch I’d give this one a chance. I’m a huge fan of TV that has intertwining worlds with other shows.

9. Marco Polo

It seems that Netflix have attempted to capture a similar audience to Game of Thrones here – offering up a 13th century world domination drama with sex and violence being heavy talking points. Rotten tomatoes gives this show a measly 24% however IMDB gives it an 8.1/10… It’s because of this that I tend never to trust reviews really, and just watch the show for myself. Usually you know for yourself after the first episode if you’re hooked.

10. Orphan Black

This show offers up everything from sci-fi, mystery, thriller, drama and even a dash of comedy. The characters are quirky, intriguing and acted out brilliantly. If it’s edge of your seat action that you need from a TV show, this one is definitely a good shout!

Thanks for reading & watching.

If there are any up and coming Netflix Originals that you think are worthy of looking out for, we’d love to know in the comments below or on Twitter @fantasticmedia.


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