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Video shoots, PPC results and a charity do

June 26, 2019

Written by Sam Birkhead

Ready, aim, fire!

This week at Fantastic…

Video, video and more video shoots

You might be thinking that we’ve been shooting a lot of video over the last few weeks. You’d be absolutely right, we’ve been keeping our Head of Production very busy and they aren’t slowing down any time soon. This week we were back with Dale Carnegie, filming a showreel video for their Director’s Lunch events. We attended their first event of 2019 to get an insight in to the day, film the event and get testimonials from attendees. Our digital team will be advertising the video across LinkedIn to gain exposure for the event and attract future attendees. It doesn’t stop there, we also developed an animated ‘how to’ video guide for our new friends at Photo ID Card People. Hold on, one more. we produced a series of social media videos for our office buddies Chadwick Lawrence.

PPC results

Last week we were basking in PPC glory, this week we’re revelling in it again. Our continued digital strategy and PPC efforts with Luggage Delivery Company has seen an uplift in online revenue of 41% month on month. To keep driving the business forward we have just undertaken a UX and CRO audit to identify how to drive conversions through the roof and optimise the brands PPC spend. Stay tuned for more news.

Crystal Clay Shoot

Variety, the Childrens Charity, hosted the annual Crystal Clay Shoot at Riley Castle. Variety invited us out for a day of good deeds, a day of top shooting, G&T’s and a surf and turf BBQ extravaganze. A fantastic day with some good friends supporting a good cause.

With shooting on the brain, it’s time we take aim and hit our targets.

“To hunt successfully, you must know your ground, your pack and your quarry” – K.J. Parker

The power of us.

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