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My Week At Fantastic: Anna Foster

August 8, 2019

Written by Fantastic Media

One thing I have learnt is that you can learn a lot in just 6 days.

In my first year at UWE, Bristol, I excelled in my Copywriting module and enjoyed creating advertising campaigns and marketing strategies for one of my lecturer’s clients. My week at Fantastic allowed me to transfer this basic knowledge into the world of work.

Almost instantly I could feel the buzz around the office and it felt like they were working towards something important. I think it was one of the best thing was experiencing agency life. I had previously heard about it from my dad but was yet to see it for myself. He was exactly right; the agency has a ton of energy and a definite sense of teamwork. It was great to see account managers working with the creative team to get the best results for their clients. I have had previous work experience shadowing local journalists, but Fantastic Media outshines that massively.

This week showed me the importance of being interested in what you do and giving everything your full effort.

Thanks to Gary Pattison, one of the Managing Partners at Fantastic, I learnt a lot about marketing, opening my eyes to how copywriting plays an integral part in the much larger machine of marketing and managing a client’s online presence. I also learnt about Digital Marketing, the importance of PPC and how beneficial this can be if you do it right.

I enjoyed writing a variety of blog posts for Fantastic, as well as for some of their clients. I wrote my first press release whilst researching and planning topics for some PR Articles. Planning the articles to go in various publications was one of my favourite things as I could really get my teeth into structuring each one. They all had different aims and I planned around these to achieve the right tone of voice and approach for each market.

I think copywriting is great if you enjoy writing and have a logical mind. I find that writing copy helps me balance my creative flair with clear concise approaches to wording. Though these may seem like opposites at times, they can complement each other well.

All of the team at Fantastic Media were friendly and welcoming, making my work experience very enjoyable. I have learned a lot and hopefully made new friends too.

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