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My Week At Fantastic: Josh Merriman

June 15, 2018

Written by Fantastic Media

The reason I came to fantastic is that I know they work with a number of different top clients and are very good at doing so, this would mean a great experience for me to get a feel of how life working in this sector of business is. From my time here I can definitely say this is something that I want to move into for the future.

This time has also given me the real experience of work and filled me in for that aspect of deciding which segment of business I want to make a living in.

From the first hour of my arrival, the staff were very warm and welcoming as they showed me around the space. This really set the tone for the rest of my week and anybody that has been asked or help or set me tasks have shown this and given me the best possible experience so I cant thank them enough for that.

What I did:

My first tasks for the week were blogs for a client called Stove Supermarket. These were advice for customers who were looking to buy a stove for which brand they should look at and the properties of each build to make sure the customers purchases the correct stove.

I was then given a series of Huddersfield Town tasks which included making presentation for the advertisement and hospitality that the club offers. This included how they could improve in comparison the other Premier League clubs and looking into the future if they become established with a high income to further help the club grow. I also looked into the potential sponsorship packages that the club could offer or what they could give to clients in attempt to get a higher amount of companies or fans to buy into the opportunity. These could have been luxury boxes with a pop-up stadium to show potential advertising spots or a VIP experience with the chairman and a shirt, signed by the squad and tailored to the business. The final project I completed on this matter was how the club could help the fans to have a better matchday experience or have better options in terms of places to eat and drink for both home and away fans.

I was given clients by Bekki, Frankie and Danny to do research into and in some cases give advice to. I was asked to research Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz a client that make cordials and top market non-alcoholic beverages. They wanted some advice on what to leave with prospects after visiting and how to market products throughout the World Cup and other upcoming events. Danny had then asked me to research a client called Under Control and give pros and cons for the website and product in general such as pricing and appearance.

On Wednesday I was taken off-site to visit another client which are Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors, Fantastic Media are currently filming and editing an advert for them so there I saw the other side of things and that more goes into an advert than how it seems.

From there I was given some provisional or in the works websites that needed to be looked at for bugs that needed fixing or little things to make the page look cleaner. After that, I was given a task related to the ongoing project with Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors this was to search Getty images for stock videos that would tie in with the theme of the advert.


In conclusion, I have really enjoyed my time here at fantastic media from researching and helping clients to playing fifa on lunch break with employees. Every aspect of the experience had been beyond my expectations and I would recommend the company to anybody looking for business or even work experience in this sector like myself.

Id also like to thank everybody for making me feel welcome and helping me with anything I needed, the employees have made my time here a step above anywhere else I couldve opted to go.   

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