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What puts the Great in ‘Great Britain’?

June 1, 2012

Written by Fantastic Media

Here is just a selection of things that make Britain great:

What makes you proud to be British?

The Queen – This year we celebrate 60 years of the Queen’s reign on 2nd June for her Diamond Jubilee.

Cuppa Tea – According to the UK Tea Council, 165 million cups of tea are drunk in the UK every single day.

British Comedy – The Office, Fawlty Towers, Benny Hill, Morecambe & Wise, Only Fools & Horses

The Archers – The show that keeps Britain in touch with our rural communities

Great Inventions – TV, Telephone, tank, train, rubber bands, world wide web, jet engine

Bandstands – Built during Edwardian times for musical appreciation, now replaced by iPods

Allotments – Around since the 18th century, a place for men to be away from their wives

Apologising – We’re sorry to bring this up and but Brits are apologetic to the point of irritation

The Blanket – No picnic or car journey is complete without one

Cagoules – Essential for a day out in Britain. How do you wear yours?

Literature – Dickens, Shakespeare, Rowling, Marlowe, Byron, Johnson, Wilde

Caravanning – Why stay at a hotel when you can tow a tin can with a chemical toilet and foldout bed?

Famous Politicians – Churchill, Thatcher, Blair, Walpole, Gladstone, Disraeli, Lloyd George

Corner Shop – It need not be situated on an actual corner, but no British community would be complete without one

The Flask – Essential for keeping your tea or oxtail soup at the correct temperature

Great Music – The Beatles, Queen, Rolling Stones, Oasis, Radiohead, Black Sabbath

At Fantastic we’re celebrating being British with fish & chips, scones, and Fantastic Crowns!

What makes you proud to be British?

If you have anything you’d like us to add to our list, tweet us @fantasticmedia

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