Integrated Marketing

Actavo are a market leading supplier of engineering and construction solutions, with a number of divisions providing products and services to verticals such as modular buildings solutions, events and non-mechanical construction products such as scaffolding, fencing and safety equipment.

The firm, under the guise of one of their core component business, Deborah Services, approached Fantastic Media in November 2014 to help develop an ecommerce website to effectively gauge if there was a market to sell their core product ranges online.

The website,, was developed as a pilot test of the market which substantiated the strategy to the point that when the business looked to rebrand the group as Actavo and the website as they had bold ambitions to grow the business.

With data and analysis being at the heart of our core operational practice, it was very clear to see the impact the website improvements and search campaign had to the business from a very early stage.

By the end of summer it was clear that the whole strategy was delivering real value for the business.

The year on year results included:

– Monthly sessions up by 86%

– Order generation increased by 373%

– 31% increase in session duration by delivering richer interface

– 61% increase in products per basket through cross selling functionality

– Conversion rate grew by 113% by improving checkout process

– CTR for Paid Search ads increased by 130% through ad optimisation

– 19% increase in SEO visibility

– All of these contributed to an increase in monthly revenue of 346%

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