Ongoing UX and CRO for Banana Moon

Established in 1993 Banana Moon Workshop Limited is a personalised clothing company with a longstanding reputation in design quality and customer service. The company was formed by directors Paul, Jackie and Nikki who have been in the industry for over 30 years.

We work collaboratively with Banana Moon to create a fully unique, integrated solution that turns their complex buying process in to a simple, easy to  use customer journey. We keep working with them to define what their business needs are. Based on these needs we set goals for the business and constantly evolve it with research, testing and analysis.

Services Used


Banana Moon being an e-commerce business have one very clear goal…

Increase yearly revenue year on year. With the work we have done marketing the site we have done just that. Banana Moon’s yearly revenue is up 13.38% with the total number of transactions increasing by over 20%. As well as getting people to use the site it is equally important to make sure that the people who visit the site actually convert. With the constant conversion rate optimisation, A/B testing and user experience audits we have increased Banana Moon’s conversion rate by 11.64%. The email marketing campaign we have implemented has generated a 168% return on investment with a higher than average conversion rate from customers who interact with the campaign.

Along the way we have also looked at achieving micro goals, goals that assist in the main goal of more revenue. One of those was to increase newsletter signups on the website. We researched, designed and tested functionality which resulted in a 71,000% increase in newsletter signups.



yearly revenue


number of transactions


conversion rate


return on investment

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