At the forefront of F&I for Dealtrak

As a long standing client, Frontline Solutions have been a really interesting business for us to work with over the past few years.

DealTrak’s core objective was to change from a software provider to a platform business. This change was planned to enable the business to extend its reach into new markets within the Automotive F&I sector as well as support a cultural shift to be more future focused.

A rebrand of the company would provide the best strategy to achieve this objective, and we worked together to deliver this in time for the unveilling at the annual F&I conference in November 2016.

Services Used


DealTrak Stationery

Brand & Creative - Corporate Identity design

DealTrak F&I Conference

Brand & Creative - Exhibition Stand Design


The objectives of the relaunch weren’t to drive an immediate uplift in leads or sales but rather to provide a platform for the business to grow and develop in terms of reach and products in the future.

However following the launch we saw an immediate increase in enquiries through the new website, many of which we could attribute back to the media coverage achieved for the launch. In terms of PR value for this media coverage, we tracked this as £9,802 over the various publications after the initial launch.



increase in web form submissions


in PR value


in Advertising Value Equivalency

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