The non-alcoholic beverage on everyone's lips

Brewfitt Ltd, one of Fantastic’s longstanding clients, and whose main aim is to help breweries and bars provide a better experience for their customers through dispense and drinks equipment, identified a key gap in the market, for a premium water and cordial based soft drinks offering.

Already offering pubs, bars and restaurants, a water filtration system – Aqua 3 – that allows the serving of filtered water through a font at the bar or via bottled water, the team identified the need for a partnership with a trusted and well established cordial brand, to launch said premium water-based soft drinks offering.

Via a partnership with Mr Fitzpatrick Botanical Cordials, (based in Lancashire) Brewfitt wanted to, therefore, diversify the water offering (still and sparkling) with an enhancement of flavoured cordials and looked upon the team at Fantastic to not only create a standalone brand, but develop a strategic plan to launch to B2B and B2C markets and ultimately become the future of non-alcoholic beverages in the UK HORECA space.


After conducting a brand / business Insight workshop, the team worked closely to launch the new offering of Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz, initially to the B2B market. We created collateral and communication pieces to allow the Brewfitt sales team, initially up sell to current customers, but longer term, open up to new customers in the HORECA market.

Key outcomes of the work were as follows:

  • Strengthening Brewfitt’s reputation as innovators in dispense solutions
  • Create a ‘desire’ to try and a ‘need’ to buy the product in B2B and B2C markets
  • Creating intrigue and excitement through our visual representation and chosen communications channels
  • Position of the drink as a lifestyle choice – a better non-alcoholic drink option

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