Relaunching a Sports Nutrition Giant

Fantastic flexes with Maximuscle launch

Following Maximuscle’s acquisition by Kruger Foods in 2018, Fantastic Media was appointed to undertake a full brand positioning and marketing strategy Insight.

The brand was rapidly losing market share to new online brands taking the industry by storm. Our Insight findings revealed that the brand was siloed within a demographic of gym purists and renowned ‘heavy lifters’, neglecting the wider scope of casual gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts.


By tweaking the existing visual identity we retained brand equity with loyal customers and helped reach new audiences by diversifying the product range. To steer them in a new direction and bring the brand back to former glory #YourMax was born as a means to align the brand with a purpose that resonated with people. Refining the tone of voice, improving messaging and enhancing creative execution allowed the brand to speak directly with their consumers. To further boost #YourMax, we partnered with 12 professional athletes from a variety of sports to become Maximuscle ambassadors and help them gain a foothold in new sectors of athleticism by demonstrating the versatility of the new range.

Services Used



Digital Strategy

Bulking Up Online Sales

Whilst leading up to the launch of the new brand at BodyPower 2019, we continued to drive sales of existing products through their online store. By implementing a segmented email automation strategy and utilising customer data through their CRM system, we were able to push personalised offers and products to people at different stages of the customer journey, whilst bringing in new users through a cohesive PPC strategy.

On-going Support

Part of our on-going support with the internal Maximuscle team is to continue to build the brand through digital channels. On a monthly basis we manage SEO, PR, content production and all social media management to boost brand awareness and enhance audience engagement.



Increase in ROAS


Increase in PPC Revenue


Decrease in CPA


increase in monthly revenue from triggered emails

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