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Forging Creative For Sheffield United Season Ticket Campaign

April 24, 2018

Written by Fantastic Media

We recently helped Sheffield United F.C launch their season ticket campaign for the 2018/19 season.

The ‘Forged in Sheffield’ campaign, set in the industrial heart of the city strengthens the link between the fans to the Steel City and draws inspiration from the Forged in Steel campaign created by Fantastic in 2017.

The creative centres on the Forgemasters Steel Works and includes a mixture of first-team players and players from SUFC ladies.

Using stunning visuals and raw industrial sounds captured at the Forgemasters, we created a series of visually rich videos to launch the campaign.

This was accompanied by a fan-focussed ‘Forging Our Place’ campaign filmed at their seat in the stadium. Fans reminisced and told stories about what makes the club so important to them.

In addition to the creative artwork and videos, Fantastic has created a user content-led social campaign.

After fans have purchased their tickets, they receive an email with a customised graphic celebrating that they have ‘Forged Their Place’. Those who share the graphic on social media are then entered into a competition to win a signed shirt.

“Sheffield United approached Fantastic with the brief that the 2018/19 season ticket campaign needed to build on the success of this year’s performance on the pitch and drive sales for the upcoming season,” commented Sally Willis, Director of Operations and Client Services at Fantastic Media

“The campaign has been met with overwhelmingly positive responses from fans, including some likening the video creative to a trailer for a Netflix original. We’re very pleased with how the campaign has been received, and look forward to working with the club in future.”

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