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University vs Industry – What I’ve Learnt

April 27, 2018

Written by Fantastic Media

University to full-time work can be a daunting time in any young professionalís life. The process comes with adversity and rewards but are both a vital part of learning to adapt to your new adult life. University taught me how to survive while full-time employment taught me how to thrive.


It may seem like a chore at times but take advantage of University while you can. Itís the one opportunity where you can experiment and reap the benefits in the process. Swift idea creation is key in industry, however, at University itís the process that counts. What avenues did you explore? What did you learn? How did you get there?

I know this may seem frustrating as this isnít how things are done in industry. If Iím being honest I wasnít best pleased during my time studying about going over and over a design with different techniques, however, it helped me to understand there is always more than one route to a solution and gave me a great insight into different methods.

University will give you access to machinery and software you may never get your hands on during your career. Playing with them will help give you an idea of the direction you would like to take your career in.


Youíve made it through education; youíve done the hard part. But that doesnít mean you stop there. Once you begin your career you will immediately realise the difference in speed and work rate that is required to get things done.

On numerous occasions clients will need a prompt turn around due to the reactive climate of their industry, this is essential to their business.

Not everyone is as lucky as you to be in a position where you can have your own input and feel youíre making a positive impact.

You may be working on jobs alone at times but donít disregard your colleagues as just that – Ďcolleaguesí. You spend around 40 hours a week with your co-workers, and thatís a lot of time to spend with a group people, but youíre a team. If you can realise this and embrace it then youíre on to a winner.

These teammates soon become more than just people you work with but become great friends too making coming to work so much easier.

Not only this, they all have a wealth of knowledge in their specific area ó remember to use it. Ask them questions and show them your work, you may not always get the response you wanted but at the end of the day, they have the same aim as you – to achieve the best possible outcome. This can only can be achieved through scrutiny but most of the time will result in a solution which you may not have been able to see alone. Donít be surprised if they also come to you for the answer, you too are now becoming a professional in whichever area you choose.

What have I learnt?

If you want the best head start possible after leaving University, I would highly recommend a placement year. It is massive in terms of integration into work life; it will help you greatly to get to the speed that is required for industry while giving you the confidence and experience for your final year.

I hope you found something useful from this post. If youíre looking for a placement I strongly advise you to apply here at Fantastic!

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