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How to make your clients happy every single day

October 26, 2015

Written by Sally Willis

Happy Clients

Making clients happy is key to any successful relationships and here I share with you my tips on how to do this every day and become a truly fantastic client services account manager.

True, common values.

I could not imagine working for a company I didn’t believe in. In my almost 10 years working within the marketing communications industry, I finally find myself at an agency that I not only fully believe in, but that believes in me. We have the same values and the ways of working, and behaviours, of which I’ve tried so hard to execute in previous roles and either not had the chance to or been discouraged..!

But this blog isn’t about any negatives I’ve experienced in my past working life. But all the positive ways of operating and approaching situations, that I have developed and been party to, to build solid, long-term relationships, instil confidence and inspiration to my clients and ultimately provide them with an award winning service.

I truly feel the success of any business is down to its relationships, whether that be with customers, suppliers, staff, the local community, and any other stakeholder in and around that business. Building and maintaining great relationships can be hard, but the underlying factors in any successful relationship are passion, a mutual respect and common goals to achieve objectives.

Making business a team sport

A fundamental value or attribute of our agency is the making of business into a team sport. No good relationship can be truly one-sided. If as an account handler you are not fully aware of your clients business, stakeholders and presence, how can you become an authority on what is a right route to market for that client and how can you work together in a forged relationship with common goals.

Now we can

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