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October 27, 2015

Written by Sam Birkhead

James bond infographic header

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With the latest Bond film hitting the silver screen last night the producers and movie studio will no doubt be waiting nervously to see what box office takings are looking like for the opening few days.

As our James Bond Infographic from our Senior Designer Ash Pennington shows, the Bond franchise is amongst the most bankable in terms of a Return on Investment.

The previous 23 Bond movies have cost a total of $1.28bn and generated $6.19bn in worldwide box office. Clearly, inflation will have a differing effect on production budgets and ticket sales, but even so, an ROI of 4.8x is not to be sniffed at.

This got me thinking as to how this stacks up against the typical ROI we would see for our clients.

When we plan a campaign for our clients we will always use reference data for the market segments we are operating in and experience in channel performance to enable us to forecast expected ROI. Once a campaign is live, regardless of the tactic we are using, we will measure and analyse this against our forecast.

For our ecommerce clients that is a relatively easy to do, we can measure the revenue through Google Analytics and a simple calculation on margins will show us an overall ROI (including web development, content generation etc. and not just pure media spend) of between 3.6x to 6.7x.

Where we are looking at a longer sales cycle, where our goal is to generate leads that are converted through the sales force, we take a slightly different approach. Working with our clients we will work out P&L on a monthly or quarterly basis leading with some clients to see returns in the region of 5.4x to 8.3x.

The other key factor that our infographic shows is the value of building a brand. While Bond has been an iconic brand since 1962, the franchise has undoubtedly gone from strength to strength in leveraging that since Daniel Craig was fitted for his Tuxedo.

And while we may not have the $200m budget that Skyfall had, we have been able to deliver video content such as this for Skopes, that helps to build and position the brand for success.

In fact our best relationships with clients come when we work with clients to help build their brand and work in partnership to have laser guided focus to deliver measurable marketing plans that smash Mr Bond

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