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We are a full service marketing agency.

That means we can offer you a wide range of solutions, then focus in on the ones that will help your business create a strategy and grow.

Strategy, creativity
& fantastic results!

No marketing campaign can be truly successful without a strategy.

Fantastic’s unique Insight process gets right to the heart and soul of your business to pinpoint your true objectives. This will allow us to develop a marketing strategy that can drive the company forward, executed through a plan with clear parameters to measure success.

Coupled with our channel neutral approach, we create robust strategies that achieve results.

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We give you Insight.

Before embarking on any project, we get beneath the surface, and research the mechanics of your business.

We question, research, think and learn, then develop highly creative campaigns that connect with your customers and make them want what you’re selling...To really, really, REALLY want it! Refreshing isn’t it.

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Brand & Creative

We work right at the heart of the branding process.

It is the sum total of each customer’s experience with your organisation, the reflection of your values and practices.

A brand has a personality; it dictates how others see you, how you see yourself, and how both parties see things working together.

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We make sure the first stop for all your prospective clients makes an impact.

We ensure that when you are assessed, investigated, and qualified through your website, your online presence is strong enough to enhance your corporate appearance and perception.

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We make the online buying process clear and simple.

Your products are your business. We specialise in making as many of them disappear, as quickly as possible! We specialise in displaying and distributing your products via all online channels and marketplaces.

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We are passionate about everything mobile.

The mobile revolution is well and truly upon us, and you need to be a part of it. We are award winning, licensed developers and partners of Google Play, Blackberry World, Windows Mobile, and the Apple App Store.

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Email Marketing

We have the complete email marketing solution.

One of the most cost effective, responsive ways to maintain regular touch points with your contacts. Email marketing allows your brand to be visible on a regular, consistent basis.

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Direct Marketing

We will help you deliver.

Next to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing stands direct mail, a reliable method that uses time tested practices to generate substantial results. Direct Marketing has stood the test of time to consistently prove its value to businesses of all sizes.

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We make PR the management of public opinion towards your brand.

This ranges from counselling and management of communication, research and evaluation of publications and audience, to the planning and execution of the company's strategy, to influence or change impressions.

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We will elevate your brand.

This is the height of brand awareness, and elevates your company, creating a feel of ‘Bigness.’

Advertising carries connotations of success, and monopolization, contributing to the appearance as the leading player in a certain market.

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Presentations & Multimedia

We'll make you look the part.

The way people interact with and digest brands is constantly changing. With readily available access, to increasingly capable devices, we are demanding more. Rich media, such as video, sound and motion dominates our preferences when consuming information.

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Events & Sponsorship

We will help you perform.

Events and sponsorship covers anything that your company does externally, from events, to PR stunts, to guerilla marketing.

The ability to connect with people’s passions means sponsorship delivers inherently social content, and this is what makes it a powerful tool.

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Sales Alignment

We work alongside your business to help you manage all your new leads.

Once we have begun marketing your services or products, we ensure that every lead is maximized and converted. From telemarketing to sales alignment we ensure that you and your team are ready to react.

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Social Media

A whole new world of communication.

Social media is no longer a tool only used by the young, it is now a platform where businesses can become their own journalists and publish news and updates for the world to see.

Used alongside other marketing channels, over time, social media has the potential to provide huge influence over our audiences, providing it is done right!

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  • The Insight with Fantastic made us question, research, think and learn. Fantastic then delivered highly creative campaigns that connect with our customers and made them want what we we're selling... really, really REALLY want it! Refreshing.

    Simon Bodsworth. Daval Kitchens.

  • Fantastic Media raised our marketing activity yet still cut our marketing spend by a quarter giving us real value, we are now a major legal brand in the North.

    Jeremy Garside. Senior Partner, Chadwick Lawrence.

  • "In choosing Fantastic Media we've formed a partnership with people we can trust"

    Richard Hayes, MD.. Card Factory.

  • "When it was suggested we had "strong design but failed objectives", I wasn't 100% in agreement. It was then explained politely that our marketing had a "nice landing but was unfortunately at the wrong airport."

    Chris Lakin, MD.. Oracle Vision.

  • "Before the Insight we were unsure what our future aims and objectives were, our marketing was reactionary and day to day. We now know where we want the business to be in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years."

    Richard Paxman. Paxman Coolers.

  • "Our objectives are now high level targets. They include sales growth, winning market share, innovating with new products, improving margins and a clear succession plan."

    Mark Pidsley. Copymark.

  • "We are now a business with direction, objectives and strategy. We have clear, measurable targets as opposed to reactionary ideas but most of all we have lots of doing!"

    Peter Hunt, MD.. WasteCare.

Give your marketing a little Insight
  • Having worked with Fantastic for a number of years they continue to deliver strategies which drive our business forward.

    Bob Siswick. Skopes Menswear.

  • Our new website has had a great reception and now Fantastic is driving traffic and generating leads for us.

    Martin Page. P2 Technologies.

  • Our partnership with Fantastic Media has been instrumental in the growth of Paxman, both nationally and globally.

    Glenn Paxman. Paxman Coolers.

  • "Fantastic built us a new website with an extensive search facility, which has aided our expansion into new markets."

    Northern Commercials.

  • "Our ongoing relationship with Fantastic Media continues to generate positive results."

    The Pink Link.

  • "We have a long standing, successful relationship with Fantastic Media as our marketing partners."


  • "Our working relationship with Fantastic is second to none as they continually deliver results which meet our business objectives."


  • "Our marketing department is Fantastic Media."

    Bedfords Transport.

  • "The email marketing campaign run by Fantastic Media is consistently increasing website traffic and sales."


  • "Fantastic Media's work is routinely increasing awareness of our products within key markets."


  • "In choosing Fantastic Media we've formed a partnership with people we can trust."

    Card Factory.

  • "Fantastic Media raised our marketing activity yet still managed to cut our marketing spend by 25%."

    Chadwick Lawrence.

  • "Fantastic's strategic marketing delivers real leads which has boosted our business and continues to do so."

    Frontline Solutions.

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