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Is a placement the right choice?

October 16, 2015

Written by Fantastic Media

During my second year studies, I was given lectures about going on placement as part of my degree. This was something I was unsure of doing. As a mature student I wanted to complete my studies, in order to get a job as soon as possible. After speaking to some of the lecturers, I decided that I would make a start and apply for a placement rather than leave it too late and miss the opportunity.

After receiving a few offers for jobs I decided that I wanted to work for Fantastic Media. This was due to it being a fast paced working environment and the clients that Fantastic were working with were really interesting.

When I started at Fantastic I spent about a week mainly shadowing one of current placement students, Mark. Although this sounds like just an easy and boring week, it was really insightful, providing real experience and advice that you don

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