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Digital strategy, warm welcomes and a Fantastic photo shoot

August 1, 2019

Written by Sam Birkhead

Turning up the heat

This week at Fantastic…

Photo shoot

This week we escaped the office to visit sunny Scarborough to visit the home of our client Duraweld. Armed with our best photographer we spent the day shooting all their product range. This was quite a task, during the famous heatwave but we’re proud to say it yielded great results. We also snapped a few photos of their factory that will be featured on their new website. New images mean a fresh updated look for Duraweld – just another way for us to help keep drawing interest and attention to our client’s products.

Digital strategy

Here at Fantastic media it all begins with Insight. This week we set our sights high, by presenting to our new client Tokensfor a cutting-edge digital marketing strategy. Following six weeks of in-depth research, we developed a tailored proposal to help Tokensfor reach their potential and grow the business. The meeting was very much a success, and we will be continuing to work with them on a series of digital tactics to support their endeavours.

Record revenue

Another month of smashing records. This week we’re proud to shout about the excellent work we have been doing with our good friends, Brewfitt. A long standing partner that we continue to deliver for, this time we’re delighted to announce that we’ve helped generate a record month of revenue. Someone get the beers in.

Return of the Pat

We’re excited to announce that Gary has returned to us Managing Partner to help lead the agency forward as we continue to grow since our move to Leeds. Gary worked here many moons ago and has since worked at some of Leeds’ biggest agencies, welcome back Gary!

Here at fantastic we encourage creativity. It is what drives all of our work and allows us to find new ways to support our clients.

“Your limitation, it’s only your imagination.” – Some wise guy

The power of us.

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