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My Week At Fantastic: Dasha Romanova

June 26, 2018

Written by Fantastic Media

One of the many things I learned on my work placement is that Fantastic Media really do live up to their name.

In all honesty, I had no idea what I was walking into, but I am unbelievably glad that I chose Fantastic to be my work placement. I left Fantastic with the same career path in mind, however, I am unable to say that my week here has not made me consider marketing for the future.

What I failed to realise before my first day here is that marketing isn’t simple, and it isn’t entirely about being able to use photoshop; it’s about an understanding of each individual client. It’s about creativity. I had the pleasure of working on most aspects of what Fantastic do, from the designing of products and advertisements, research, managing the socials, testing websites before they air, being able to contribute in a drafting meeting for the re-branding of a company to writing blogs. Each day was different.

Due to a career in writing always being on the cards for me, it wasnt difficult to determine what I enjoyed most, looking back at the past five days. In the past I understood the importance of research but blog writing for Fantastic’s clients made me realise just how vital it is to have a full grasp of what the company want and how I can make the blog relevant to their customers. Blog writing demonstrated how there are many other ways to do what I love; that I am not restricted to newspaper journalism if I want to have a career where I am able to creatively write every day. For that I am beyond thankful. I wrote several blogs over the course of the week: ‘the lies about coffee you must disregard’ for Novell as well as ‘Filtered, leakproof and anti-bacterial, the EverSweet water bottle should be in the bag of every dog owner’ and ‘The Outdated Old Wives Tail About Our Black Feline Pals’ for PetKit. Without even realising, Fantastic allowed me to write about some of the things I enjoy most: coffee and animals (specifically cats).

I am unable to say that all the tasks I have been assigned have been so suited to my interests however. Writing two weeks of the social schedule for Actavo Direct a leading online retailer for the building trade, was a challenge. Knowing close to nothing about construction and the selling of scaffolding, crowd control fencing and ladders meant that this project entailed a lot of research and thought in regard to what customers of the business are likely to want to read. Although it wasnt the most compelling of tasks, I believe that it was certainly the most helpful in broadening my skills.

There is a certain atmosphere to Fantastic, almost as though everyone has known each other for a very long time in a way. What more can be said about the team other than that they are some of the friendliest people I have ever worked with, always willing to help and find something different for me to do. I’m quite sad to leave Fantastic but I know that my experiences and the standard set here will always be what I compare future jobs to.

Dasha Romanova, student at Greenhead College, Huddersfield.

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