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My Week At Fantastic: Lexie Mykyta

June 26, 2018

Written by Fantastic Media

I chose to come Fantastic as media is a sector I am deeply interested in making a living in. I wanted to find out what happens within marketing – a field I am attracted to but have very limited knowledge in; I really needed to learn more about the skills and work marketing entails before I made the decision to jump straight into the world of media.  Before my placement, I did my research on Fantastic and was shocked to see such a wide range of clients they work with. I organised my placement with Sally and we discussed the week ahead. I discovered I would be working with the client services team in a variety of different tasks and activities- I wasn’t too sure what this would involve but I was very curious and excited to find out and embrace the work. I already knew that marketing was vital in this digital, modern age but my understanding of the scale of it was rather restricted.

From the first minute of arriving, the team were friendly and happy to help me get started with my work, which gave me a real insight to marketing throughout the week. Frankie and Jo set me tasks explaining how and why it was important along the way which really helped me understand the companies I was working for. The work I was doing was not only a true reflection of what Fantastic deals with daily but also interesting and worthwhile to know about.

Research is a key factor in creating a good piece of work. I found myself looking into all the interesting and distinct clients to inform many different areas- whether this was writing blogs, creating social schedules or just gaining information for Fantastic. The sheer span of the different topics to research was really engaging.

I made social schedules for three companies (Skopes, Bedfords group, Actavo) during my week which entailed creating posts for their social media outlets. Knowing little about each of the companies, I researched their content via their websites and external sites to get a feel for the sort of content I, in turn, would need to create. I sourced images and linked articles to the witty material to make every post unique and engage the right kind of customers. Skopes also had a website which needed to be checked before it went live on the web. I carefully ran through the site and noted any errors I found so it could be changed and refined to a much more polished and professional site.

My research for Novell coffee enriched my knowledge of eco-friendly coffee pods which I went on to write about for the company’s factual, coffee-related blog page. Looking into the environment and how it relates to the coffee industry is not something I would usually do but I found it genuinely interesting and it really showed me the scope of different topics you can explore in the media sector.

I was assigned the task of coming up with ideas for soft drink collaboration brand, Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz and their summer campaign. I was asked to link the brand to various sporting events and give my own ideas which I visualised on photoshop. The brand’s image was creative and fun which allowed me to go crazy with my ideas and create some very interesting visuals.

After completing my work placement here, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose Fantastic. The week has been educational, fun and eye opening; I have learnt a lot and my hands-on experience with the team has really influenced how I would like to move forward into the media sector. It has allowed me to consider marketing as a branch I would perhaps like to move into in the future.

Thank you to Fantastic Media for giving me the chance to really experience marketing in a great environment.

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