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My Week at Fantastic: Ella Frost

April 13, 2018

Written by Fantastic Media

Ever since I began studying media as one of A levels, my love for the subject has grown. I am absolutely fascinated by it. The course has shown me that media is truly everywhere and is open for anyone and everyone to utilise for their own purposes.

In an ever-expanding digital age, I knew that media is becoming more and more influential. I knew from that point onwards that media was something I wanted to do for a living, as it increasingly becomes more relevant in all aspects of life. But with so many options, I didnt know where to start.

In the first few months of my media studies course, we began learning about the importance of advertising and marketing and how using a variety of different media can help a product can reach target audience and increase sales. The course looked at range of different advertisements and marketing strategies, spanning a variety of genres and time periods. I was overwhelmed with the possibilities that marketing had to offer and I was intrigued to find out more.

As I lacked real hands on experience in a work place- I thought the best place to start would be to find somewhere that would offer me useful work experience, in an office setting. Thats when I stumbled across Fantastic. When I rang enquiring a week of experience they were incredibly keen to get me on board. I met with Sally who gave me more information about the company and explained that I would be working in client services during my week I spent with them. I went home incredibly excited to begin my time at Fantastic.

When I arrived, I was quickly shown around and introduced to the staff who were all very warm and welcoming. I sat in the weekly briefing, that outlined all the meetings planned and tasks to be completed, I was amazed at the array of clients that Fantastic worked with and I even recognised a few names.

What I did

Over the week I was set various jobs to carry out. I worked closely with two staff members Frankie and Bekki, who were always on hand to help me if I got stuck and brief me on tasks. I completed two lots of competitor research for completely different clients. One was hoping to start up a business in schooling car sales executives how to sell finance and insurance to customers, the other was for Brighouse and Rastrick brass band. I had to investigate a couple websites that offer similar services and figure out how our clients could differentiate themselves on the market.

I was also asked to write a few blogs for Stove Supermarket, and even though I know little to nothing about stoves, I enjoyed writing content for the website. I researched and put together an article about the benefits of a wood burning stove and I also did a brand spotlight on one of the brands the company sells- Broseley Stoves. Blogs are a brilliant way to put across information to audiences as they offer detailed advice and are a great alternative to reviews.

During my time at fantastic media, I completed social schedules for 3 clients. One of them was the Yorkshire law firm- Chadwick Lawrence. I had to produce posts for their two twitter accounts, LinkedIn page and Facebook. As each social media account targets a different audience, I had to be mindful when coming up with content and whether I should post about Chadwicks Business or personal services.

I also had to produce to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates for Skopes, the Leeds-based menswear company. As prom season is approaching, as well as posting about their SS18 collection, I also had to post about their #PromBlinder campaign. I came up with witty content relating to the theme and posted appropriate images to go alongside.

The final customer I completed a social schedule for was Brewfitts partnership with Mr Fitz Aqua sprits, a non-alcoholic beverage made from botanical cordials and sparkling water. This brand was particularly quirky and so I could have a lot of fun with the posts- which was really god as I could be as creative as I wanted.


Overall, I really enjoyed my week at Fantastic. It made me realise that marketing a field I would like to go into and spending a week there meant that I gained valuable experience that will set me apart from other candidates when I apply to study a marketing degree at university. I felt that I was a part of the Fantastic team rather than just being left to make cups of tea and coffee for staff! I had a hands-on experience in a real workplace, which will be incredibly useful in later life. Working with such a large number of clients like Fantastic does means that there is different job to do every day- which was so much fun.

Thank you to all the staff at Fantastic for such an amazing experience.

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