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My Week at Fantastic Media by Holly Hobson

June 24, 2016

Written by Fantastic Media

If the boss (trying to) zoom around the boardroom on a hover board as everyone pours in for 8.30am workflow isnt kicking Monday off with a bang, I dont know what is.

My aim was to spend a week with Fantastic Media and get to know the ins and outs of what they do on a daily basis, giving as much input as I could as a week is not the easiest length of time to try and get on top of everything a company does.

Coming out of my placement, I felt like a member of team Fantastic. Buzzing in and out of as many meetings as they could get me in, becoming involved in projects they were working on and of course, making the daily doses of tea and coffee, I felt like I was beginning to grasp what Fantastic Media were about.

Fantastic Media is a marketing agency, however personally my talents do not lie creatively. I could not even begin to think about let alone create the things that the Fantastic team come up with and despite the fact that this was taken on board and I was able to experience things from a more general business point of view, having the opportunity to watch a numbers of ideas develop from less than just words on paper was fascinating to see. On a daily basis I was given jobs to help assist members of staff with the work they were providing for their clients alongside working my way through a placement pack that was put together for me.

Fantastic Media provide a number of services for your business.

  • Brand and Creative
  • Website
  • E Commerce
  • Mobile
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • PR
  • Social
  • Advertising
  • Presentation and Multimedia
  • Search
  • Events and Sponsoring
  • Sales Alignment

The placement pack that Fantastic Media put together for me prior to my placement consisted of tasks relating to clients of the company, each one centred on a separate area of the company so that I could get a taster of everything that Fantastic Media could do for their clients. I enjoyed working my way through this, speaking to members of staff that covered these areas in their work and seeing what they were currently doing in regards to that client.

I feel that the Fantastic Media office tends to have a particular buzz about it and the relationships that the Fantastic team appear to have with each other made my experience thoroughly enjoyable. Everyone was always willing to assist me, to answer general questions that I had in order to assist me with the work I was doing or just to help to me understand the business further.

I would like to thank the Fantastic Media team for having me for the week; I hope I have been at least a fraction of help for you and perhaps Ill be back very soon!

Holly Hobson

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