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Modernising The Boiler Industry.

Byworth Boilers, the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of industrial boilers, approached us to help update their brand in line with their innovative approach to the sector.

Fantastic worked with the team at Byworth to redefine the brand and modernise it in line with their new company outlook. Following the Insight, Byworth made the decision to roll out all newly proposed branding across online and offline channels. We continue to work with the business to drive growth through digital channels.

The Objectives.

Increase Brand Awareness
Modernise The Identity
Improve Digital Presence

The Brief.

Byworth Boilers asked us to help position the business in line with their innovative approach to the sector in a bid to attract more customers. As the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial boilers, they needed a fresh approach that made the most of their in-house expertise and highlighted different areas of the business to prospective and existing customers.

The Research.

The industrial boiler market has typically been associated with its industrial heritage, and after learning more about the business it was highlighted that, unlike their competitors, Byworth push for technological innovation and provide bespoke boiler solutions and boiler control systems based upon the needs of each individual client. It was also noted that the current customer journey was not as clear as it could be, and so changes to the way that the product offering was presented both online and offline, through unified and contemporary branding, was proposed to fully modernise the brand.

The Big Idea.

This was a re-positioning of a business well known within the industry – one with a bucket loads of equity. It had to be treated sensitively but effectively modernised to speak to a new audience. It involved a new logo, renaming of products, internal and external communications, with clarity around business values.

The Strategy.

The re-brand gave us the foundation on which to launch our marketing strategy which included a new website designed to convert leads and a campaign to attract them. Our tactics included PPC, content marketing and social media advertising.

The Results.


Increase In Conversions


Decrease in Cost Per Acquistion


Increase In Conversion Rate

Being within a B2B environment, we focused on creating a website that was customer-centric and intuitive. Fantastic never got discouraged with the amount of tweaking and optimising that this detailed project demanded.

I think they have succeeded my vision of delivering an interesting and captivating online experience for our audience.

Alex Holdcroft, Marketing Manager – Byworth Boilers

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