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As the hero brand of Summit Foods, Snacksters supply a range of value driven products across the frozen, chilled and ready-to-eat sectors.

With a particular eye on growth for their Frozen Micro Snacks they turned to Fantastic for a selection of tasty ad campaigns and a refreshed web presence.

Concentrating on their iconic Snacksters Big Stack burgers, we set about creating an ad campaign to promote these fun, fast, flexible and wallet-friendly fakeaway treats. The big question we asked consumers was…what are you waiting for?

The Objectives.

  • Create wider awareness of the core product range
  • Drive footfall to retailers across the UK
  • Ensure the ads and web presence matched the growth ambitions of the brand

The Brief.

Despite seeing impressive growth over recent years, Snacksters had never undertaken any form structured, direct to consumer promotional activity. To negate stagnation, the team at Snacksters recognised the need to create greater awareness of their frozen product range. This activity needed to reflect the key selling points of their products whilst talking in way that resonated with existing, lapsed and future customers and consumers.

The key element of the brief was for us to find a way to encourage people to give Snacksters a try the next time they were shopping in the frozen aisle.

The Research.

After an in-depth iNSIGHT day with the senior leadership, sales and new product development teams, we set about researching the fast-food market, industry trends and consumer opinion. From here we were able to identify a hierarchy of messaging that would resonate with what consumers wanted from products in this sector and how the Snacksters brand met and exceeded these expectations.

This iNSIGHT process identified the need to challenge people to give the products a try. Importantly, we also identified an opening to encourage consumers to see the Big Stack as an opportunity to re-create their takeaway favourites in the comfort of their own home at half the price.

are you
waiting for?

The Big Idea.

Our research identified that when you choose the Snacksters Big Stack you get your favourite takeaway burger, but at half the price. there’s no need to wait in line, it’s easy to store in your freezer, and it only takes a few minutes to prepare. Also, with its new improved flavour you can personalise your burger.

Simply put, the Snacksters Big Stack is the choice that only savvy shoppers make and it’s a clever way to enjoy a takeaway with less hassle and less cost.

With these founding factors in place, we created a series of campaigns that emphasised the most important messages we’d uncovered, highlighting the convenience, speed, value for money and ability to personalise your burger.

Campaign straplines encouraged consumers to “Heat. Eat. Save Repeat.” we asked “How do you stack up?” and highlighted how easy they are to make via “Ding. Done. Gone!”. Body and web copy also utilised an overarching message of “….what are you waiting for?” to further play on the theme of speed, convenience and encouraging people to give the products a try.

The Activity

With the concepts in the bag, our team at Fantastic set about planning and executing a two-day photo shoot that would allow us to create static and motion content around the main ad campaigns.

As well as creating promotional assets we worked with Snacksters’ new product development team to create a host of wonderful (and often weird) burger creations to sit alongside our concept of asking consumers “how do you stack up?”. A selection of videos and imagery were also created for the wider Snacksters product ranges allowing us to make best use of time and resources and to have a complete and consistent set of assets for the new website.

With the Fantastic creatives editing, grading and generally adding the final touches to the ad campaigns, our digital and media team set about finalising paid social media platforms, display advertising, audiences and budgets. As well as this, the team set out plans for future marketing opportunities across channels such as TV, radio, sponsorship and influencer campaigns.


Snacksters has grown organically by getting our products on the shelves of some of the UK’s biggest retailers. However, we realised we needed to let more people know about us and to encourage them to hunt us out on the frozen aisles of their favourite supermarkets.

As a business we’re never short of agencies trying to get us to part with our money but Fantastic have been the first ones to understand the right level at which we needed to get started. We have big goals but they helped us realise that we could dip our toes in the water before diving fully in at the deep end. The iNSIGHT process was invaluable as it made us look at ourselves, our products, customers and objectives in a structured way before delivering a creative solution that has as much substance as it did style.

-Andrew Hayes, Summit Food Managing Director

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