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EV3, who provide a breadth of unprecedented sustainable electric power services covering energy capture, storage and usage, approached us to help update their brand in line with their innovative approach to the sector.

Fantastic worked with the team at EV3 to launch the brand in line with their new company outlook. Following the Insight, EV3 made the decision to roll out all newly proposed branding across online and offline channels. We continue to work with the business to drive growth through digital channels.


The Objectives.

Build awareness in the Brand
Drive Online Leads
Grow Customer Base

The Research.

We immersed ourselves in EV3’s world, a saturated and competitive market full of brands all fighting for the same customers. Following an extensive Insight, where we analysed; market trends, consumer habits, customer journey, target audience, persona development and competitor research.


Our findings revealed that the brand was siloed within a demographic of gym purists and renowned ‘heavy lifters’, neglecting the wider scope of casual gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts.

It was clear that the brand needed to steer in a new direction to reach this new audience and to maximise sales opportunities through their website and retail locations.

EV3 had an abundance of attributes that we could use to elevate them, which would help us form the new brand and enable the business to be considered by prospective clients. We just needed to project them in the right space, with the right message, at the right time.

The Big Idea.

By designing and building the brand's identity, we created valuable brand equity with loyal customers and helped reach new audiences by diversifying EV3's offering into the sustainability market.

The Strategy.

To create our brand structure, we focussed on the elements and fine detail that goes into EV3's product offering.

This was able to support us by providing us with the foundations to launch our marketing strategy which included a new website designed to convert leads and a campaign to attract them. Our tactics included PPC, content marketing and social media advertising.

The Results.


Increase in ROAS


Increase in PPC Revenue


Decrease in CPA


Increase in Monthly Revenue via Email Automation

Beyond the launch of the new brand we continue to support EV3’s internal team. We work collaboratively with their sales and marketing divisions to build the brand through traditional and digital channels.

On a monthly basis we manage SEO, PR, content production and all social media management to boost brand awareness and enhance audience engagement.


“We have been delighted with the strategic and creative input from Fantastic. From the first meeting they bought into what we wanted to achieve with the business, and it was clear that their ambition and enthusiasm matched our own.

“We had a very successful launch of the business in the early months, which without our marketing activity, wouldn’t have been possible. With Fantastic’s continued help, we look forward to improving on our results in the coming months.” 

Pete Bevils – EV3 Power

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