Integrated Marketing

Onewood Group Limited (OGL) is a construction company who wanted to create a simplified brand, to focus their impact on the marketplace and wanted to understand how our Insight Process could help them to elevate their brand.

Fantastic Media worked with OGL to do an insight into their business and get to know their audiences. They found customers were not thinking of them and did not have a strong feeling of the brand. They needed a simple, impactful, and uniform brand to highlight their range and work to their customers.

Integrated Marketing touchpoints:

The Objectives.

Create a brand that stands for the vision of the business
Build the Brand equity
Drive consistency and coordination
Make a bold statement of change, progression, and confidence

The Brief.

To transform a cosmetically confused brand which did not show the might of OGL, into a modern, simple, and well perceived construction company.

The Research.

We analysed the business and their vision during our insight process. We found the business was not visually representative of how commercially minded they are. They were unsure of what their brand was. Were they 1 wood, Onewood, One Wood? They needed awareness and recognition that they could not get until people could refer to them by one name.

The Big Idea.

We Design, We Build, We Maintain.

We delivered a brand that took Onewood Group Limited, and transformed it into OGL Construction. An impactful brand with a new brave colour palette that sets them apart from their competition.


Fantastic were a pleasure to work with, their guidance and knowledge is invaluable when it comes to marketing, and it is great to have them on speed dial should anything come up.

– Tom Wood – OGL

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