Alex Grace

Managing Director, Banana Moon

January 23, 2018

“Working with the development team at Fantastic media, we always retain focus on two key elements which are key to our success. First is conversion rate and the second is average order value. If we get these two areas right, then the revenue generated from our website can see some amazing growth. We have now worked together very successfully for many years and continue to grow each year.

“The process is very structured, which enables us to plan any project and know when each part will be delivered. Initially this will begin with a kick off meeting. The process then runs through initial research phase, wireframes, user testing of the wireframes, front end design, web build and final user testing. The two phases of user testing at key points allow us to see how general users are interacting with the site, which is absolutely key to conversion rate optimisation. We can then make major changes before the development is done rather than after. Through this process we have seen significant month on month increases in conversion rate.

“We have a great relationship with the team at Fantastic Media and we have a lot of fun undertaking the projects that we do with them. The team couldn’t be more helpful and we know they care about the performance of our site as much as we do. We also really value the fact that they are thinking about our site constantly, if they see a new development or piece of functionality that might be good for us, then they suggest this to us and we look at how we can implement it.”

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